Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Mod is so impressive it could be an expansion

Varonis ir redzams šaujam uz ienaidniekiem ar ieroci fantāzijai līdzīgā vidē, jo šī ir Borderlands.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands March marked its one-year anniversary, and since then the team of modders has been working on a so-called “overhaul” of the mod. Borders called spin-off Wonderland Redux. After months of work, the mod is here is now available for download on PCand the original game has so much new content and improvements that it can rightly be called an expansion.

Although console players will have to turn it off, the mod is now out (thanks GamesRadar+), and anyone who played the previous one Borderlands 3 Redux Mod won’t be surprised to learn that its list of features and changes is quite extensive. If you just want to see them, you can find them by scrolling down a little more. But for those who I want a summary Wonderland Redux offers a host of quality-of-life improvements, as well as new class customizations, mobility options like the double jump and dash, and the addition of new content like Legacy Hunts, which are high-level battles that can help you out. rare loot and great experience.


Wonderland Redux comes in about eight months Tiny Tina’s WonderlandsLast DLC pack in August 2022. While Gearbox released four DLC packs for the shooter, it seems like the studio has pretty much moved on to the next one. Shortly after Tiny Tina’s WonderlandsDLC stopped, gearbox released New tales from the bordersA sequel to Telltale’s adventure game in 2015, though it wasn’t as well received.

Full list of changes Wonderland Redux is as follows:

  • Added Pearlescent Rarity. Gems now have built-in traits and can drop down to Chaos Level 8
  • Added a unique rarity. All mission rewards and some other items have now been changed to Unique to help them stand out in the end game
  • Legacy Hunts return. Athena-marked hunts can be summoned at the new Legacy obelisks around Wonderland for lost souls.
  • Lots of NEW items added as well as replaced a ton of base game items
  • Added double jump. Double jumps can be performed by pressing the jump button again while in the air
  • Added dash. Ride replaces punching and can be performed by pressing the crouch button in any direction while in mid-air.
  • Added performance skill enhancements. Add-ons are available at the top of each class tree
  • Many new skills were added to the class trees
  • Speeded up most of the game’s animations (credit Apocalyptech)
  • All mirrors after difficulty 1 will now teleport you directly to the boss fight
  • Lost Souls can now also drop Overworld Encounters Chaos 5+
  • Added a NEW chest. The obsidian chest is hidden around the world and contains only items of unique rarity and moon orbs. However, the chest will contain unique items only after the player has defeated the main quest of “Destiny Breaker”. Each card contains a higher chance for certain types of items. Find them all!
  • Chaos levels now have a new cap
  • Chaos Trials has been revamped with unique rides in each level, now required to unlock endgame rarities.
  • Chaos Chamber spawn rates have been increased significantly
  • Added raid boss rush game mode to chaos chamber
  • Many unique enemies/bosses now have a summon stand near their spawn that can be interacted with to make the enemy RETURN.
  • Added over 100 dedicated drop sources for many unique enemies/bosses
  • The skill icons have been completely redesigned to help players better locate themselves in their respective trees. It’s just a visual change
  • Unique items can now drop a World Drop if the player has completed the side quest associated with them
  • Mythos rank keystones have been reworked with various perks that are tweaked to better fit the balance
  • Many Enchantments have been rebalanced
  • Replaced Loot Luck as a reward from the Shrine and Crew Challenge
  • Variations on amulets, rings and armor parts have been reduced
  • Enchantment rolling now costs a fixed value of 100
  • All Enchantments have been reweighted to provide better variety when rolling
  • All enchantments are unlocked and can be used on all applicable item types
  • Many passive stats have been rebalanced
  • Chests can now also be opened with projectiles
  • SDU Max inventory has been increased to 100
  • Special/world drop rates are no longer dependent on loot success and have been rebalanced
  • Most unique items now describe their special abilities and special drop sources on the item map
  • Golden Chest now costs Moon Orbs to open
  • Added overworld sprint (credits to Apocalyptech)
  • Removed character model from stock screens to reduce load time and screen clutter
  • Item names no longer have suffixes
  • Some cross-charges have been adjusted slightly
  • Moon Orbs now have no limit to how many you can hold at once
  • Photo mode has been improved
  • Increased ammo drop weight
  • Increased Armor class drop weight
  • Less player screaming sounds
  • All item equipment slots are available from level 1
  • All action skills are available from level 1
  • All non-unique thorg assault rifles with crossbows now fire full auto
  • Increased the legendary chance to roll 20 on Lucky Dice
  • Chaos Bunnies has changed the loot spawn pattern to prevent loot from clumping
  • Cosmetics have a new booty
  • Moon Orbs are a new loot beam
  • The reload notification appears less often
  • Respawning no longer takes money from the player
  • Changed the Critical Hit popup to a less obtrusive sprite
  • Maker now drops massive amounts of loot on death
  • The Wastard/Son of a Witch’s bird has had its texture changed for visibility purposes
  • Updated the Dreamveil Overlook texture on the world map
  • Dreamveil Overlook now starts scaling from level 30 and up
  • Spinning the Wheel of Fortune now costs 15 Lost Souls
  • Each mirror boss comes with a difficulty indicator
  • Some non-unique items now have different names
  • Some non-unique items now have different prefix names
  • Red chests can now be farmed without waiting for their spawn timers
  • The main menu has been slightly redesigned
  • Sniper ammo SDU sizes have been increased to allow for more sniper variety
  • The vendor economy has been adjusted slightly to ensure that selling weapons is a viable option for cash
  • Mission rewards are now shown more often for vendors
  • Base glide speed has been increased
  • Sliding no longer slows the player down as the distance of the slide increases
  • The snipers have been adjusted to feel faster in the hand
  • The zoom size is adjusted for different scopes
  • When jumping off a slide, the player now moves forward
  • Players can no longer trigger barrel traps in the Chamber of Chaos
  • Increased the number of crystals obtained from hidden switches in the Chamber of Chaos
  • Fast travel animations have been sped up
  • Removed transition sound for certain fast traveling animations
  • Hex traps in the Chamber of Chaos no longer slow players down
  • Some curses in the chamber of chaos have been reworked
  • Loot room vending machines in the Chamber of Chaos now spawn a random legendary inside
  • Cryo no longer slows players
  • Various items have been reworked/balanced
  • Increased Hydras and Claw’s & Graveborn’s pet size
  • Blightcaller’s Geist in the Shell skill has been adjusted
  • Spore Warden’s Bounty of the Hunt skill now also provides accuracy
  • Spore Warden’s “Bullseye” skill has been nerfed
  • Spore Warden’s “Quiver of Holding” skill has been nerfed
  • Spore Warden’s Quiver of Holding skill now also grants a bonus to the first shot in the magazine
  • Spore Warden’s “Headhunter” skill is now a level 4 skill
  • Spore Warden’s ‘Called Shot’ has been reworked and now rewards faster. Additionally, it now also improves sniper rifles
  • Spore Warden has received a new level 5 skill called ‘Free-Load’ which grants Amp’d & Free shots every N. shot
  • Spore Warden’s Mushroom Pet now respawns and attacks faster
  • Spore Warden’s “Barrage” skill has decreased
  • Spore Warden’s “Blizzard” skill has decreased
  • Spore Warden’s “Barrage” skill has been nerfed
  • Spore Warden’s Barrage and Blizzard skills now gain bonuses from Area of ​​Effect buffs
  • Clawbringer’s ‘Radiance’ skill now also grants regeneration speed
  • Clawbringer’s “Dedication” skill has been buffed
  • Clawbringer has received a new level 3 skill called “Dragon’s Fury”, which grants ability damage to each equipped item with matching elements.
  • Clawbringer skill “Blasthamuts Favor” has been removed
  • Clawbringer’s “Storm Breath” skill now deals more lightning damage based on other elemental damage boosts
  • Clawbringer has received a new level 5 skill called “Resistance is Futile”, which allows the player to briefly ignore elemental resistance during a kill.
  • Clawbringer’s “Awe” skill has changed the critical chance
  • Clawbringer’s Awe skill has a reduced chance value
  • Clawbringer’s Storm Smite skill now spawns more bolts and can crit
  • Clawbringer’s Wyvern Pet now respawns and attacks faster
  • Clawbringer’s “Cleansing Flames” skill has decreased
  • Stabbomancer’s Swift Death skill has been weakened
  • Stabbomancer’s “Thousand Cuts” skill has been polished
  • Stabbomancer has received a new level 5 skill called “Stalker” that deals more damage to enemies based on their low health and avoids aggression.
  • Stabbomancer skill “Belgian Blade” now spawns blade faster and deals damage faster
  • Stabbomancer’s “Sneak Attack” skill has been polished and now also grants movement speed
  • Stabbomancer’s Class Feat is nerfed
  • Stabbomancer’s “Ghost Blade” skill has decreased
  • The Stabbomancer skill “Ghost Blade” no longer penalizes the player for moving it

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