Elden Ring Player Murks Malenia In 15 Seconds On Hardest Difficulty

Ring of Elden the legend Let me solo him might want to watch his back because another tainted is here on the kill Malenia, Mikella’s Blade in record time. Sure, Let Me Solo Her might have beaten him over 1,000 times, but this guy has killed Malenia in about 15 seconds. That’s one of the fastest times I’ve seen.

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Scarlet Rot Queen Malenia is an optional boss in FromSoftware’s most popular program Souls game yet. Encountered inside Elphael, Haligtree brace, a legacy dungeon located in the far north of The Lands Between, Malenia is notorious for its difficulty and one-hit potential. At the beginning of this month, FromSoft fell in the statistics, it was revealed that Malenia was tried about 329 million times. While this number doesn’t reflect player deaths, I have no doubt Malenia’s body count is in the million now, though a Tarnished in trouble could always call. Let me solo him using your call sign to get a little help in the two stage fight.

Or they can just watch redditor RS_Lionheart for some helpful tips, who completely crushed the Goddess of Rot in 15 seconds, get this, New game+7highest difficulty Ring of Elden must be offered after you beat it eight times. That’s a lot of traveling through The Lands Between.

Beating Malenia in a quick way

In April 20 YouTube video, RS_Lionheart showed exactly how he builds Malenia. He begins the clip with a dizzying array of buffs and props ranging from golden oath (a spell that increases attack and defense) and Frenzyflame stone (an accessory that continuously restores your HP), among others. After nearly 50 seconds of swelling up, taking performance-enhancing goodies and blowing steroids in front of the gates of the Malenian Mist, RS_Lionheart heads into the depths of Haligtree to begin the battle. He skips the intro cutscene and completes the first phase of the battle in seven seconds using a cross jump slash attack with two Bandit Curved Swords.

RS_Lion heart

As her famous second phase begins, RS_Lionheart throws refrigerating pot on the ground Malenia, then continues to jump to attack the winged queen to the death. Total time elapsed? Just a little over 15 seconds.

The Ring of Elden raise Malenia’s ass for a beating

In Reddit posts with KotakuRS_Lionheart who has 15 different characters across two accounts and almost 2100 hours Ring of Eldenexplained that he added a few different buffs to his character to overcome Malenia’s inhibitions so quickly.

“Before the video started, I used Seppuku twice to lower my health and cleaned up my inventory from a recent purchase,” RS_Lionheart said. “Then I used a Frenzyflame stone to start a frenzy build-up, followed by a Golden Wow. I then drink the Cerulean Flask and use Ash of War: Cragblade on my left Bandit’s Curved Sword. I then changed my Dragon Communion Seal to Antspur Rapier and used Bloodboil Aromatic. This should bring in madness, so I swapped the Black Dumpling Helmet for a Mushroom Crown and drank another Cerulean Flask, followed by my Physick (Thorny Cracked Tear and Stonebarb Cracked Tear). I then poisoned myself with two pods of rope wings, swapped the mushroom crown for a white mask, and caused the blood loss again via Seppuku with the Antspur Rapier. When the blood loss was dealt, I traded Kindred of Rot’s Exultation and Lord of Blood’s Exultation for the red-feathered zarasword and claw talisman. I then swapped the Antspur Rapier for my other Bandit’s Curved Sword and re-applied the Cragblade before going through the mist gate. Also, it’s important to note that the other talismans I used were Millicent’s Prosthesis and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia to increase sequential attack damage. I also wear Raptor’s Black Feathers to increase the damage of my jump attack.

According to RS_Lionheart, he has helped many other players fighting against Malenia by placing a summons sign at her gate or offering advice on his YouTube channel. She already has a huge health pool, but in New Game+7 her HP is increased by almost 40 percent, making her even harder. Although he couldn’t remember exactly how many players he’s loaned his heady buff-based strategy to, RS_Lionheart isn’t particularly keen on doing so for one simple reason: delay.

“I have a more simplistic version that I’ve been using at a lower level (around 150) which has higher survivability (considering that cooperation can sometimes be unpredictable with lag and latency),” explained RS_Lionheart.

Lagging behind, co-op is difficult for another reason: Enemy scaling due to additional players. Bosses take less damage, have more health, and hit much harder when playing Ring of Elden with a friend or two. Therefore, RS_Lionheart would not want to take on such a challenge in a multiplayer game, and understands why many players might not want to try to defeat Malenia at all.

“The reason I enjoy this kind of challenge so much is because it’s exciting to try to do something that hasn’t been done before,” RS_Lionheart said. “That’s all the motivation I need when I’m researching a boss to figure out exactly how much damage I need to do before I do. It’s a lot of fun for me and I think it takes a lot of expertise Ring of Elden try completely.”

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However, while the feat is very impressive, just one day later on April 21st, RS_Lionheart’s friend smashed his Malenia record of 15 seconds, defeating the infamous Queen of Rot in just over 10 seconds! Although his friend didn’t beat Queen of Rot in New Game+7, aside from a different weapon choice, he entered with the same build as RS_Lionheart.

Sax Slave Gael

“He’s a very skilled creator who runs YouTube channel Sax Slave Gael”, RS_Lionheart said of the 10 second killer. “I’ve learned a lot from him, as I’m sure he’s learned from me over the last few months. I think this kind of competition is great because it pushes the boundaries of what’s possible Ring of Elden“.

Ring of Elden is already a punishing experience. As one of the hardest bosses in the game, Malenia strikes fear into the hearts of many players, myself included. But now that we have a solid grinding strategy to take her down, maybe she’s not so scary anymore?

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