Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak achievements are getting more popular with another 1000G

First name Description Gamerscore A royal request for cooperation Official request for Kamura hunter. Awarded for collaboration with Elgado Outpost. 10 Long distance binoculars Binoculars that provide a clear view of distant targets. Awarded to confident investigators. 10 Survey Cape Protects the wearer from the harshest environments. Rewarded for hunting Garangolm. 10 sky blue feather pen Blue nib pen gifted by Fiorayne. Rewarded for hunting Lunagaron. 10 Majestic Table Banner A table flag that acknowledges the owner’s excellent service. Rewarded for killing Malceno. 10 Royal Declaration of Gratitude Official thank you letter. For hunters who have contributed to the peace of the Kingdom. 10 Record of the greatest valor – Master A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Master Rank tasks. 10 Snowy Cohoot Mini-Wallet Rewarded for befriending the new Snowy Cohoot from Elgado. She looks tiny, but with a big appetite. 10 The record of the greatest heroism – arena A souvenir from the Guild for completing more Arena quests. 10 Painting – foreign threads Rewarded for completing many follower quests to celebrate close ties between a village and an outpost. 10 Painting – Seicho’s Place Evidence of completing numerous support surveys. Soar into a clear blue sky. 10 Cups of friendship Awarded for deepening links with many followers. Sharing this cup promotes friendship. 10 Painting – Crimson Nightmare A depiction of the monstrous Kurio. Awarded for completing many anomaly tasks. 10 Sea Blue Amulet Awarded for completing 50 tasks in the jungle. A talisman to protect you on your travels. 10 A common brooch Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Citadel. A charm that prays for your health. 10 Beloved bouquet Rewarded for fulfilling various requests in Kamura and/or Elgado. 10 A familiar construction kit Easy to deploy camping kit. Rewarded for opening many camps in the jungle and citadel. 20 The Great Wirebug Medal Awarded for discovering many Great Wirebug launch points in the Jungle and Citadel. 20 Perfect bookmark Rewarded for discovering many old messages in the jungle and citadel. An undamaged antique. 20 Natural picture frame Clever frame awarded for photographing many creatures in the citadel and jungle. 20 Transcender Red Wing Its sophistication is beyond human capacity. Awarded for gaining even more switching skills. 20 Great helmet A pretty cool winged helmet. Rewarded for forging even more valuable weapons and armor. 20 Gorgeous Helm Helm with gold hollows and blue wings. Awarded for forging even more valuable layered armor. 20 Solid padlock Rewarded for collecting even more Charms and Wall Papers. Will not move regardless. 20 Maestro’s trusted tools Super popular in the tea shop! Awarded for helping to create new dangos as far away as Elgado. 20 The Secret Honey Jar Awarded to dango connoisseurs for using many jumping skewers. Add honey to sweeten things up! 20 Feline and Canine are napping Cuddly Feline and Canine toys. Dedicated to passionate Buddy Dojo instructors. 20 Sojourn necklace The necklace that ended up with your boyfriend. Awarded for trading with letters of introduction. 20 Friend Whistle A simple flute with far-reaching tones. Awarded to those who have found many Recon destinations. 20 Flaky Canyne Pie A tasty treat for hard-working Canines. Awarded for teaching many techniques to your Canyne. 20 Polychrome acorn Nice and colorful painted acorn. Awarded for having many friends with excellent memory skills. 20 Windbreaker Scarf Ignore the wind, whip through the world. Rewarded for doing many Switch Skill Swap. 20 Jewelgrass planter Awarded to those who rode various monsters with the power of Morphed Wirebugs. 20 Unbreakable bag Wow! A whole bag is awarded for sampling items from all over the place. 20 Comfortable sandals Sandals for exploring. Rewarded for talking to many people in the outpost. 20 Hunter’s Bronze Shield Awarded for hunting 100 Grand Master level monsters. 20 Hunter’s Silver Shield Awarded for hunting 500 Grand Master level monsters. 20 Hunter’s Golden Shield Awarded for hunting 1000 Grand Master level monsters. 30 Miniature crown shield Awarded for registering almost all miniature crown-sized monsters. 40 Golden crown shield Awarded for registering almost all golden crown sized monsters. 40 Anomaly Hunting Silver Trophy Rewarded for killing your first plagued monster. 20 Anomaly Hunting Gold Trophy Awarded for killing 100 tormented monsters. 30 Anomaly Investigation Report A very detailed report, the result of an impressive amount of hard work researching the anomaly. 30 Essence of Vermilion Amber Awarded to those who have completed the Research Labs as the hardest set tasks. 30 Bahari hand-wounded bird Bahari handmade toy that walks when wound up. Proves that you frequent the Anomaly Lab. 30 Smithy’s custom made gloves Rewarded for upgrading many weapons through Curious Crafting. Designed to handle affected materials. 30 Blacksmith’s tools of the trade Rewarded for increasing many armors with Curious Crafting. Able to process even fragile materials. 30 Surmounter’s Slaying Shield Rewarded for killing your first resurrected elder dragon. 30 Shining Surmounter’s Shield Awarded for killing 15 Resurrected Elder Dragons. 30 A hero’s appreciation The sign of a great hero who has won a large number of awards. 50

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